Performance Analysis and Tuning


Analysis and Tuning

The performance of an Oracle database depends on various factors. For example, the database configuration, the hardware or the applications may influence database performance.
We at H&L perform a thorough comprehensive performance analysis for your systems, regarding all aspects and components and thus identifying any performance killers.

Based on the analysis, H&L suggest appropriate solution options to improve database performance sustainably and – on request – implement these solutions for you.

The results will allow us to develop a best practice catalogue which enables you to avoid future problems and bottlenecks.

The success of this approach is guaranteed by our specialized knowledge in this field, substantiated by numerous technical papers and other publications.


With today’s more and more powerful yet cost-effective hardware components, numerous new opportunities arise with regards to cost savings and resource optimization – also thanks to virtualization technology. Thus, that technology finds itself more and more in the center of investment plans.

This results in entirely new possibilities regarding administration, high availability, reliability and centralization. However, numerous factors with regards to performance, licensing and availability of the single components have to be considered.

H&L is your ideal partner for the selection and implementation of the most suitable virtualization solution, thus ensuring the desired synergy results.