Oracle Real Application Clusters


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Course Number: HL-ORA7

Title: Oracle Real Application Clusters

According to Oracle, the deployment of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) is the best approach to the setup of a high availability system.
Oracle RAC enables the transparent deployment of Oracle Databases across a pool of clustered servers. In a clustered server environment, the database itself is shared across a pool of servers, which means that if any server in the server pool fails, the database continues to run on surviving servers. Thus, very large numbers of users are able to work with the database virtually limitless.

Depending on the used hardware, there are different aspects to consider. From our long years of experience with different cluster systems (SUN, Compaq, HP, IBM, Windows, Linux), we are able to elaborate solutions tailor-made to your requirements and thus to create the conditions to ensure smoot operation.

  • RAC Architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • Oracle Clusterware
  • Storage Management
  • ASM / OCFS
  • srvctl, asmcmd
  • Oracle Net Configuration / Services
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Database Configuration Assistant
  • Practical Part: Installation, Administration, Troubleshooting

3 Days


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