Herrmann & Lenz Services GmbH is a company providing services and software development for the efficient operation of the Oracle database system. Founded in 1996, the company has been present in the market ever since. Sharing our expert knowledge and longstanding experience with a maximum amount of service and flexibility for our customers has always been – and is until today – our distinguishing feature.

We specialize in the design, administration and tuning of the Oracle database as well as project management and project work with Oracle tools. To complement our expert knowledge, our employees also contribute a high level of practical orientation.

Customers include renowned large and medium sized companies from a variety of branches and business sectors.

In December of 2009, a new company emerged from Herrmann & Lenz Services GmbH – Herrmann & Lenz Solutions GmbH. The provider of IT system solutions develops and sells products designed for an effective and preventive monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure stack. For more information visit